Samsung YP-T9 hands-on

Ryan Block
R. Block|11.22.06

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Samsung YP-T9 hands-on
Some might say it's too little too late now for a hot new PlaysForSure device, but we got our greasy meat-hooks on Samsung's latest nano competitor, the YP-T9, and we have to say, these guys are finally on the right track after the huge disappointment that was the YP-Z5. In fact, despite the glaring and persistent lack of mass-storage mode, the device and its interface might finally give Samsung a bit of cred with, you know, people who want to use their player on a regular basis, and it's got a few niceties -- like OGG support, games, movies, audio recording, and FM radio -- to fill the gaps that the reigning champion of flash players still hasn't plugged. Click on for a ton of shots.

For us? Why, thank, um, us.

Lessee here, player, sync cable, headphones, ear poofy thingers, software and guide.

Bonus: those rubber screw caps poke out just enough to act as skids.

That's the record, back, menu, and play / pause / power button.

Vs the Sansa E200 series it's pretty minuscule.

And also significantly thinner, although that doesn't necessarily come through in this shot.

The interface is clean and iconic; up and down move you through, and that white dot on the left shows you your position in the menu. Very easy to learn the first go.

The screen is very decent and rather bright.

Photos are much better shown off here than the Sansa.

Oh, and it does video, too. Granted, it's not-quite-even-QCIF MPEG4, but hey, that's still better than some flash players.

Ah, we're having a Zune moment here.

What's this? Games?

Whoa man! Let's deliver some damn pizza!


Oh yeah, it plays music too.

File browser, standard stuff.

And, of course settings.
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