Games on more than one disc: do you care?

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Richard Mitchell
November 24th, 2006
Games on more than one disc: do you care?
It was recently revealed that Blue Dragon takes up so much space that it will be shipped on 3 discs. Some people on the internets are already starting to chant the mantra that the 360's DVD format simply isn't big enough for next generation games. I fail to see the reason in this, apart from the annoying fact that you'll have to stand up to change discs (twice!) when you finally lay your hands on Blue Dragon.

However, I have a question: when did multiple discs become a bad thing? Back when CDs were introduced to home consoles, multiple discs were actually considered a value add. Saying a game came on four discs was a statement worthy of admiration, not condemnation. You didn't hear anyone complaining that they had to change discs during Final Fantasy VII. Same thing goes for special edition DVDs: more discs equals better product. Is this whole problem really a problem, or is it just in some people's interest to make you think it's a problem?

Let's just ask a question. As 360 games get larger and more advanced, it's possible that more and more of them will require multiple discs. Does this bother you at all, or could you not care less?
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