Transcend's 4GB miniSDHC announced, but no place to go

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Thomas Ricker
November 24th, 2006
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Transcend's 4GB miniSDHC announced, but no place to go
So by now you've seen a smattering of SDHC devices and even a few cards with capacities up to 8GB right? But what about some good ol' miniSDHC and microSDHC bastardization of the SD 1.0 standard? Sorry to tell ya, they're on the way too. In fact, Sandisk already announced their 4GB miniSDHC card back in September; now Transcend offers up their own take on the SD 2.0 standard which, in theory, will someday max-out at 32GB. And as a class 2 card, you can expect minimum data write speeds to hit at least 2MB/s. Although miniSDHC is touted for use in cellphones, we've yet to see any device supporting that format -- so smart move Transcend, we'll be needing that full-size SDHC adapter you bundle for "free." Still, there's no word on pricing or availability but these will no doubt hit the streets side-by-side with compatible devices sometime in the new year.

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