ABC's Shaw reitterates the obvious, calls HDTVs "game changers"

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.28.06

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We've already seen reports of sporting events in HD gluing Americans to their couches for little reason other than its sheer beauty, but now ABC's Mike Shaw is reinforcing the belief that HDTVs are redefining the way we watch television altogether. Aside from boasting that "content is king" while referring to ABC's smattering of "sports, primetime programming, and daytime dramas," he also referred to HDTVs as "the game changer" in a recent interview. He went so far as to draw a parallel from today's 720p / 1080i broadcasts to making the switch from black and white televisions decades ago. Interestingly, he also noted that HD would "have far more impact" than any of the "new devices like PVRs or DVRs," probably ruffling Steve Jobs' feathers in the process. Nevertheless, it's forecasted that "31 percent of 112 million US households" will sport HD sets by the end of this year, giving national broadcasters even more reason to cheer (and advertise), while giving us all yet another reason to hit that oh-so-tabooed button when catching up on recorded content.
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