Palm delays US Treo 750 into oblivion

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.27.06

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Palm delays US Treo 750 into oblivion
Clamoring to get your hands on a Treo 750 here in the States? Does the very thought of a HSDPA, stub antenna-free, Windows Mobile-equipped slice of Palm goodness leave you dizzy with desire? Well, get ready to wait. And wait. And, oh yeah, then wait a little more -- just until you get to the point where the by-then-dated phone is a distant memory in your mind and you couldn't possibly care less about its release (much to Palm's chagrin, undoubtedly). Despite repeated rumblings about the Treo 750's imminent release on Cingular, Palm has dropped the bomb today that the 750 is now targeted for a US debut in the third frickin' quarter of 2007 in a report detailing its revised guidance for Q2 of next year. The slip is allegedly due to a "delay in certification," suggesting that the FCC might be responsible for gumming up the works here -- but any way you slice it, this doesn't bode well for folks looking to get their high-end Palm on who don't have the benefit of Vodafone coverage. Maybe we can occupy ourselves with the 680 in the meantime?

[Via PDA247]

Update: False alarm! Apparently these newfangled "fiscal years," as they're known, are way ahead of the calendar we normally know and love. Turns out the third quarter of fiscal '07 starts next month, so we might see some 750 action before the year's out after all. [Thanks, Dayton]
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