ORtek's Skypad Skype phone / numeric keypad combo

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ORtek's Skypad Skype phone / numeric keypad combo
Looks like peripheral maker ORTek has managed to find a way to distinguish itself from the seemingly endless stream of Skype phones flooding the market with its latest offering, the Skypad -- a combination USB phone and numeric keypad. Dual uses aside, the unit looks to be a pretty bare-bones deal, with a no-frills, display-less design, and that USB cable keeping you from wandering too far off while you're chatting on it. On the telephony side of things, the Skypad boasts full-duplex support and compatibility with Skype, as well as volume control buttons and other Skype-related keys. As far as keypad capabilities go, the unit packs what appear to be decently-sized keys, as well as such exciting features as Num Lock, and "smart" LEDs. No word on pricing or availability, unfortunately, though it looks like Mac users are out of luck with this one, as it's strictly Windows only.

[Via Mobile Whack]
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