Japanese Club Nintendo swag -- don't be jealous

Jonti Davies
J. Davies|11.29.06

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One of the great things about life in Japan is Club Nintendo. (In a quick survey we conducted this morning, Club Nintendo ranked just behind Asahi Super Dry and heated toilet seats in the Top 10 Reasons to Live in Japan.) Via the Japanese Club Nintendo website (club.nintendo.co.jp), customers can input codes, which are included on inserts with every Japanese Nintendo release, and then convert those codes into points. And what do points mean? Prizes!

We've photographed some of our recent winnings for your green eyes. Get envious after the break.
Original Mario Family Figures -- 500 points well spent. These are staying in their packaging for future generations to appreciate.

Club Nintendo DS Lite Pouch -- it's got an 8-bit Mario emblem and everything. Snug as a glove. Only 250 points -- bargain!

Small prizes are sent out in these rather swish Club Nintendo envelopes. We took the liberty of uploading this photo without erasing our address from it, because the resolution is probably too low for anyone to decipher where we live. If you do crack the code, though, please feel free to send us an American copy of GameCube Twilight Princess. Thanks!

This Game & Watch Collection has been fetching silly prices on eBay, but we're keeping our copy for the sake of Donkey Kong.

This is not a Wiimote. Repeat, this is not a Wiimote. This ... is a remote! Yes, a TV remote in the style of a Wiimote. How post-ironic is that?

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