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Olympus E-400 DSLR review roundup

Sure, we all heard about how "small and light" this newfangled E-400 was supposed to be, but seeing it in its (relatively speaking) wee-sized glory sure put things in perspective. Olympus downsized its E-500, upped the resolution to match the bevy of competitors, and managed to include "the first anti-dust system" (Supersonic Wave Filter) reviewers at CameraLabs had ever tested "that proved genuinely effective." While we're always skeptical when there's high praise across the board, the E-400 truly seems like a solid offering through and through; its ease of use (in auto and manual modes), pocket-friendlier size, "excellent" image quality, and exceptional versatility seemed to deliver in all the areas that make or break a DSLR. Reviewers did mention that consumers may be immediately turned off by the somewhat higher pricetag, but noted that the "high quality" lens kit that accompanies this model actually offers "excellent value for the money." Moreover, it was nearly unanimous that the E-400 should've landed in place of the E-300 in order to seem "more revolutionary," and now faces an uphill climb in an attempt to dethrone the current kings of DSLR. Overall, however, reviewers couldn't find much to complain about in the results department, and noted that it made for an outstanding option if you're just now thinking about delving into this (admittedly wallet-draining) addiction hobby -- so if Olympus' latest has caught your eye, be sure to hit the read links below for the variety of opinions.

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