Engadget's holiday wish list

Ryan Block
R. Block|12.06.06

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Ryan Block
December 6th, 2006
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Engadget's holiday wish list
All this talk about what who's getting what, and what're you giving us, Engadget? We have some wishes this holiday season too, you know. Yeah, that's right, we've been secretly keeping a list all year long of the things we really want, and surprisingly we even got a few of them. Check it out, our Chrismahanukwanzakah wish list:
  • Authorities to find James Kim in good shape
  • Apple supports PlaysForSure
  • Zune supports PlaysForSure
  • Zune supports FairPlay
  • No, we REALLY just want Microsoft and Apple to forget the DRM
  • Microsoft stops its pursuit of Viodentia
  • Everybody gets FTTH. Everybody at Engadget, anyway.
  • Something finally outputs 1080p
  • CableLabs experience hostile takeover by consumer advocacy groups
  • TiVo finally releases Series 3
  • TiVo gets reasonable, releases Series 3 for, say, $400
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  • Multi-room viewing and TiVoToGo on Series3
  • DirecTV to start supporting TiVo again
  • iPhone released, madness ends
  • PS3s begin falling from the sky (with parachutes, of course)
  • PS3 supports media streaming and syncing over the home network
  • Nintendo replaces everybody's Wiimote strap
  • Wii adds 720p and 1080i/p support
  • Cingular deploys nationwide HSDPA
  • Palm gets off its butt and builds a skinny phone with a modern OS
  • Microsoft gets off its butt and builds a modern phone OS
  • In the mean time, HTC announces free Crossbow upgrade program for its products
  • Apple adds a right click to its laptops
  • 12.1-inch Mac with internal HSDPA or EV-DO, solid state drive
  • Working Zune software
  • Evan finds a worthy replacement for his PPC-6700
  • Digital cameras get usable WiFi
  • Hack Zune as USB drive
  • Zune Marketplace adds podcasting, video (sigh)
  • Zune Marketplace in HD
  • Big Four carriers, Modeo, HiWire join hands to support open mobile TV standard in US
  • T-Mobile backtracks, figures out way to deploy European 3G on 2100MHz band
  • e-ink finally hits the market
  • Color e-ink finally hits the market
  • iTunes HD
  • DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray burning of shows from iTunes
  • Xbox 360 plays back DivX, XviD, h.264, MPEG-2/4 files over network
  • HD hard drive camcorder that records to raw H.264 or MPEG-4
  • 40-inch super-widescreen monitors released
  • Someone finally figures out how to make a really good portable media device
  • Major Nelson + Engadget charity event
  • Affordable parabolic display
  • 802.11n standard approved. Please?
  • Budget DSLR
  • OLPCs hit US on mass market
  • Vista finally released (kind of)
  • Vista CableCARD support
  • Vista CableCARD PCs don't require CableLabs certification
  • Next version of Windows doesn't have the registry
  • Mobile WiMax finally hits the market
  • UWB product hits
  • WirelessHD? Any year now.
  • ATSC Multicasting dies a quick, but especially painful death
  • Tesla Roadster ships early, mass market
  • Alternately, a small electic car for under $10K
  • All-day laptop battery life. Ok, we'll take something less ambitious like world peace.
  • Record shows from your Slingbox
  • Bluetooth support in the iPod, Zune and all things four-wheeled
  • Easy sideloading from DVR to your portable media device
  • A useful humaniod consumer robot
  • Home automation for the masses
  • Pete's and Paul's Time Warner Cable lines finally fixed
  • Peace on Earth and goodwill between rival next-generation optical disc formats; Apple and Microsoft; Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii; respective fanboys
Anybody else have any wishes this holiday season? Let them be known!
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