Nintendo addresses Wiimote damage issues: sends eMail

In case you need it spelled out for you -- and some of you most certainly do -- Nintendo is now offering updated safety information for use of the Wii Remote. In a mass emailer titled "Important Safety Information for Playing Wii," Nintendo offers the following tips:

  1. "Wear the wrist strap when using the Wii Remote." Sure, as long as it doesn't break.

  2. "Do not let go of the remote during game play. For example, in a game like Wii Sports bowling, the ball is thrown by simply releasing the B Button on the remote, not by letting go of the remote!" You listening Tyler?

  3. Stay at least "three feet" away from the television and other objects.

Ah, sorry, our bad Nintendo. Full text after the break.

[Thanks, Michael F. and everyone who sent this in]