NY Times: It's a Wii60 Holiday

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NY Times: It's a Wii60 Holiday
The New York Times' Seth Scheisel, who already gave a critical review of the PS3, comes back in this morning's NYT to finish the job with console holiday picks. Scheisel says, "If you are anything other than a complete Sony fanboy (that's Internet lingo for an obsessed, myopic groupie) go ahead and forget about the PlayStation 3 this year." He goes on to say that the "overhyped PS3" doesn't deliver with its $599 price (plus accessories).

The Wii becomes a holiday pick at the NYT for being a "riotously fun experience" for the whole family. When comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3, the Xbox 360 won in every given category. The only two toss-up groups were graphics and movie-playback. Graphics were called a tie, but Scheisel points out developers have complained about difficulty programming for the PS3 system and that Gears of War looks better than anything on the PS3. Movie playback was considered a wash because both systems offer the same thing, in different formats, for what would end up being the same price. Scheisel says, "Right now there is basically no rational reason to buy a PlayStation 3 instead of an Xbox 360."
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