Etymotic's boxy ety8 Bluetooth earbuds get reviewed

There just isn't anything like throwing trendy to the wind and kickin' it box style, and Etymotic's ety8 Bluetooth earbuds not only deliver "surprisingly good" sound quality, but a comfort not often realized when wearing atypically sized cans. The folks at iLounge got their hands on a set of these perplexing headphones, and did their testing with the 8-Mate iPod adapter that comes bundled in the $299 package. Reviewers were quite pleased at the functionality presented in the track / volume controls on the right, um, sound box, and noted that the "8 to 10 hours" of battery life was more than respectable. As was expected, Etymotic clearly took its time in developing the system, as it even takes advantage of the "volume mirroring" feature on the 5G (and later) iPods. Moreover, the 'buds were (amazingly) said to be the "least fatiguing Bluetooth headphones" they had ever tested. However, the firm's "first endeavor" in the wireless realm came up a bit short in a few crucial departments; testers noticed annoying "clicking interferences" in the bass notes of some songs, and stated that the overall audio quality didn't quite live up the wired ER-4Ps. Overall, however, these digs aren't likely to bother those who aren't self-proclaimed audiophiles, but the $299 pricetag ($199 without the iPod adapter) is likely to send consumers darting for Logitech's $99 FreePulse solution nonetheless.