Etymotic Research officially announces ety.8 Bluetooth earphones

We first caught sight of Etymotic Research's ety.8 Bluetooth earphones back in September courtesy of our friends at the FCC, but the all-in-ear, all-the-time company's now finally gotten around to officially announcing them -- looking slightly more prettied-up for their final press shots, but still rocking that same eye-catching design we loved so much. As we knew before, the earphones support A2DP and AVRC Bluetooth profiles and pack Broadcom's BCM-2037 chip set, which keeps the power consumption low and the size "small," with the rechargeable battery promising eight to ten hours of juice per charge. iPod users willing to forgo a few style points to cut some wires can also opt for a special "Made for iPod" package, which'll let you control the player directly from the earphone instead of having to endure the inconvenience of reaching into your pocket. You can look for these to be be available next month for $199 for the standalone phones, or $299 for the iPod kit, each of which comes bundled with a leather case and a stash of replacement earphone tips and filters.

[Via Mobile Tech Review]