SEGA unveils "The Box"... a new console? No... just a game...

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|12.11.06

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SEGA unveils "The Box"... a new console? No... just a game...
Sad. While we all know deep down we'd like to see the Sega Phoenix before we die, that's a pretty darn slim possibility. But if they pulled their heads out of Microsoft's, Sony's, and Nintendo's bums and make sequels to games that more than deserve them, it could happen. Ranting aside, there are rumors surfacing about Sega making a new horror title called The Box. Or The Gift, The Sacrament, or Crucible. The Box is the best... aren't the Gift and the Crucible already titles for books? I guess everything is, really, but those sound like really well-known books...

Anyway, Sega passed out a survey that had a short description of the supposed PS3-60 (get it? It's multi-platform genius!) horror title. It went a little exactly like this: "An open free-roaming action horror game where the player undertakes a terrorizing journey of suspense, fear, power and discovery, And where every decision has multiple consequences... Uncover an ancient chest with unimaginable power that seduces you into evil, sin and corruption."

This sounds kind of like a mix between Indigo Prophecy and Siren. Both were good. Will they mash together well, though, and create the new Silent Hill? Or will they sort of smush around and make some sort of blemish like [insert crappy horror title here, I can't think of any right away]. Don't say Fatal Frame 2 though -- that game scared the bejeezus out of me. Multiple times. Leave us your thoughts!
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