Wii Remote Power Glove Hack

Kyle Orland
K. Orland|12.12.06

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Wii Remote Power Glove Hack

When Nintendo first revealed that its new system would use a motion-sensitive controller, comparisons were inevitably drawn to the company's first experiment with VR, the NES Power Glove. Well, all those comparisons just became a whole lot more apt now that a Japanese hacker has mounted a Wii remote on a power glove.

The prototype hybrid controller uses specially mounted triggers on the thumb and middle finger to simulate the A and B buttons, and even includes an opening for the nunchuck attachment in the back. The video below shows how the setup allows for some cool Minority-Report-style interaction in pointer-based games, but we can't help but worry about the inevitable arm fatigue caused by holding the glove straight out in front of you. Ouch!

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[Via Engadget, Thanks Mike]

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