Prada teams with LG to develop "new iconic phone"

While many of us might be satisfied with the low-end cellies that just handle the basics, there's apparently a hefty chunk of consumers on the other extreme, too. Joining D&G, Hulger, and Gresso (just to name a few) in the avant-garde phone realm, Prada is teaming up with LG Electronics to unveil a brand new (read: not rebranded) mobile in 2007. Although neither firm has leaked any prototype snapshots of the presumably pricey handset, we do know to expect a "unique, sophisticated and elegant phone" that'll sport an "advanced touch interface" to eliminate the traditional keypad. Moreover, the Prada touch doesn't end at the outside motif, as we'll see a dash of luxury in the packaging, software, user interface, music functionality, and overall design. As expected, this gem is slated to launch in Europe first ("early 2007"), while Asia / Korea should expect it shortly thereafter; unfortunately, there's no set date for an American release, but even we know it can't resist Hollywood for too long.

[Via Textually]