JVC's new 1080p projectors, front & rear

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JVC's new 1080p projectors, front & rear
JVC is highlighting its LCoS-based D-ILA with a few new products due in early 2007. First up, the new DLA-HD1 projector, with its 1080p resolution and native 15,000:1 contrast ratio, is now set to hit the U.S. in February with a price of $6,300. If you prefer your projection from the rear JVC has unveiled two new slim HD-ILA sets, the 58-inch HD-58S998 and the 65-inch HD-65S998. Much like Samsung's 10-inch deep DLP from CEDIA, these are designed for shallow cabinets and stands made to fit flat panel displays or even hung on a wall. The three D-ILA devices in each HDTV are combined with a new mirror and lens that has allowed JVC to reduce the projection distance needed and slim down the sets considerably. They feature a 10,000:1 contrast ration and the same Genessa image processing found in other JVC sets, as well as two native 1080p HDMI inputs. The HD-58S998 is due in January for $3,299 followed by the HD-65S998 in March for $4,199. Continue on for a pic from the side of the 10.7-inch deep HD-58S998 and a look at the DLA-HD1.

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