Wii smashes launch records in Australia

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|12.14.06

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Wii smashes launch records in Australia
Much like operatic cringe-group Il Divo, the Wii has been mercilessly destroying familiar records as of late. Aussie-Nintendo picks up the pieces of yet another one, this time in the land of Australia. Selling 32,901 units in the space of four days, Nintendo's Zelda player can now confidently claim "the biggest launch of a videogame console in history." In Australia. Previously, the Xbox 360 held the record for selling just over 30,000 units in four days.

Myer (a chain of stores, not a man) expressed pleasure at experiencing "a strong spike in total business which can be largely attributed to the introduction of Wii. We couldn't be happier with the fantastic products Nintendo are releasing. Our Wii launch experience has really shown that consumers have made Myer a destination store for gaming." Indeed, the folks at Myer would likely be even happier if console launches happened more often, as they're almost always marked by rapidly vanishing stocks and hordes of early adopters. The real trick is to keep the momentum going long after the release buzz has died down.

Keep an eye on those records though, just to be safe.
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