Verizon Wireless preps for changing of the guards?

Michael Caputo
M. Caputo|12.19.06

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Verizon Wireless preps for changing of the guards?
In the ever evolving world of wireless, there are very few things that stay constant, even when it comes to the CEOs and their positions. No stranger to the limelight is Verizon Wireless and its current CEO and President, Denny Strigl, who is reportedly leaving the successful wireless division and making his way to the Verizon Landline division to report to Ivan Seidenberg. No indications why the changes are taking place, however there is a bit of hint who will be filling in those giant shoes of Denny: it's the current Executive Vice President Lowell McAdam. Now with all these changes being made, we wonder if they will ever launch that Rev. A network we keep hearing so much about.

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