Fujitsu previews LifeBook P7230

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Fujitsu previews LifeBook P7230
In between all the previously announced laptops and the less-than-fresh concept models Fujitsu showed off at recent a event in Signapore was this brand new entry to its LifeBook 7000 series, the P7230. Unfortunately, the model name's about all we know at this time, other than that it was designed by Fujitsu's Cheif Designer Kenichi Kimura, the very same man behind those aforementioned concept laptops, and that it'll supposedly be available "soon." If the earlier entries in the 7000 line are any indication, however, you can probably expect the P7230 to be heavy on portability and battery life but relatively light on power -- them's the breaks of an ultraportable, after all.

[Via Laptoping]
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