Pocket PC gets LocationFree thanks to... ACCESS?

Imagine a world where Sony, Microsoft, and ACCESS (owners of Palm OS) all live in perfect harmony with one another. PlayStation and XBOX games are completely interchangeable, Blu-ray and HD DVD are one and the same, and that HTC Hermes in your pocket can triple-boot Windows Mobile, Palm OS Garnet, and ALP. Alright, enough with the touchy-feely peace and unity stuff... back to reality for a moment. For the first time, US customers have been able to get their hands on ACCESS' NetFront LocationFree Player for Pocket PC this month thanks to a new version 2.0. No, it's not exactly PlayStation / XBOX interchangeability, but it's one small step in making strange bedfellows out of corporate giants and sworn enemies -- and more importantly, it gives SlingPlayer some competition in the Windows Mobile placeshifting landscape. You can get your hands on NetFront LocationFree now for about $20; see ACCESS' press release for details.

[Via Impress Watch]