Tanita releases scale with USB drive

Omar McFarlane
O. McFarlane|12.26.06

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Tanita releases scale with USB drive
It is no secret that Americans, on a whole, suffer from an obesity problem. The path to recovery, however, involves a bit more than just keeping track of one's weight: factors like body mass index, and "muscular quanitative score" are just as important, and have to be accounted for in measuring health. The Inner scan BC-500 by Tanita, is a step in the right direction for those combating weight problems. It allows up to four people to log a month's worth of their data onto a provided USB flash drive, which can then be analyzed with included software, or printed out for your doctor. Being able to keep track of your health information can prove to everyone that the DDR workout is working.

[Via Far East Gizmos]
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