Okami and Godhand coming to 360? [update 1]

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Okami and Godhand coming to 360? [update 1]

Update: 360 Fanboy reader, insane_cobra, uncovered the English version of the document. It looks like the Okami/Godhand dream is just that, a dream. It was nice while it lasted.

A gaming blog by the name of Live Gamer reports that the PS2 exclusives, Okami and Godhand, are headed for a face-lift on the Xbox 360. The information comes from a document released by Capcom. Upstanding bloggers that we are, we checked over this document several times. Frankly, we couldn't make heads or tails of it. That's when we discovered our problem: the document is in Japanese. It is worth noting that "Godhand" and "Xbox 360" definitely appear in the same paragraph.

If true, the move makes sense, as Capcom probably wants to squeeze a little more money from the two games. Savvy netizens will know that Capcom recently closed Clover Studios -- the devs behind Okami and Godhand, as well as Viewtiful Joe -- because of less than stellar sales of their titles. A cheap, quick, and dirty port of the games could make Capcom a little extra scratch. Still, until we can dig up a translation of the document, chalk this one up to a rumor for now.

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