Suzuki's Xbox 360-infused SXBox concept vehicle

It's not often that companies hit it big twice in a row, but we'd say Suzuki's SXBox concept car is just as nifty (albeit in a very different manner) as its previous carpet-ready ride, the MIO. Although this is likely a case of great engineering that'll never see any real-world play, Suzuki is still tooting its own horn at the 2006 San Diego International Auto Show by letting gamers gaze at the entertainment mecca that is the SXBox. Part of the "Suzuki LIVE Series" of concept cars marketed at various realms of "enthusiasts," this whip is based on the 2007 SX4 and features a dashboard-integrated Xbox 360, which is coupled with a "close proximity digital projection system to display games or watch a HD DVD movie on the interior of the vehicle's retractable hood." Additionally, a second console is connected to two separate LCDs in the seat backs for folks riding in the rear, and there's even a retractable 30-inch rear projection screen in the trunk for the ultimate tailgating experience. And leave it to Suzuki to remember the details, as you'll also find force-feedback front seats, four wireless controllers, matching "green" color accents, a bevy of recessed LEDs, full surround sound rig, and even a steering wheel-mounted control for the haphazard driver. As expected, this ride isn't even close to being mass produced, but if you seriously need all that gaming while in the comfortable confines of a vehicle, you most certainly have formidable alternatives. You know the drill, click on through for a few more pics.

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]