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Initial release of Viiv Media Center PC's not to feature Digital Media Adaptor support


Digitimes is reporting that Intel's line of Viiv media center PC's, set to launch at CES this week, will not feature support for Digital Media Adaptors. According to Alex at eHomeupgrade, this also means no Media Center Extender or Xbox 360 streaming support.

Ugh, I hope the other features Intel will unveil make up for this lack of functionality (apparently it will be added in June in a Viiv 1.5 release). We'll have all that news and more in our CES coverage later this week.

Update: Alex updated to mention he's not sure exactly what Digitimes means by the statement, which I have to agree with, it's really vague, especially since we don't know exactly what Viiv is all about yet. Like Windows Media Extender would, in my mind, be a function of the Media Center OS, so why wouldn't the PC's be able to do it, unless there is more to it than that, I guess all will be revelaed in a few days.

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