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Nintendo France Revolution teaser

Nintendo-Europe is on a Revolution roll; Nintendo France sent a card out to game journalists promising, "In 2006 Nintendo launches a Revolution." The cover features a stylized drawing of nunchuks, inside there are some strange pictures of a topless guy and a cutout you can display (follow the link for more images if this sounds crazy), and the back teases, "Before changing the face of videogaming forever, Nintendo France wishes you Merry Holidays and a Happy New Year."

If Europe, who usually see console and game launches later than North America and Japan, is being promised the Revolution in '06, is there any doubt we'll see it in America any later? The question now is, how early will we see it: simultaneous multi-market launch in Q4 or earlier for North American and Japan?

[Note: Nintendo France spelled videogaming as one word.]

[Via Go Nintendo]

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