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Cellphone thief caught by answering call from cops

Evan Blass

Why is it that we rarely see savvy, intelligent criminals ala the Lex Luthors and Riddlers of old? Instead we get morons stealing cellphones from a convention of phone experts or attempting to get tech support for a stolen laptop. Well, the latest episode of "Stupid Gadget Criminals" involves a Swedish thief who stole a woman's cellphone and then proceeded to pick up a call from cops who were searching for the cellie (didn't the 911 on caller ID give it away?). Not only did the celljacker stupidly answer the phone-he actually left the damn thing on so the cops could overhear him arguing with his taxi driver (gotta have a real getaway driver for these risky gadget heists, it seems). No big surprise, then, that this man's next phone call was thoughtfully provided to him by the Swedish government.

[Via textually]


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