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Netgear WiFi phone for Skype: no PC required

Kevin C. Tofel

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Netgear announced their new Skype WiFi phone that needs no PC; Skype, of course, obviously comes pre-loaded since you don't want to carry yet another phone just because you can. Just enter your Skype name and password and you're set to call all of your Skype buds whenever you're in range of some WiFi. What's that, your peeps don't have Skype? No prob since you can seamlessly use your SkypeIn or SkypeOut account just as well. We're guessing that the WiFi flavor is either 802.11b or 802.11g, although Netgear also announced RangeMax to support Skype on their WPN824 RangeMax wireless router. No juicy details on pricing or availability just yet, so keep using that cheesy headset for now.

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