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Video games meet board games with the Entertaible

Jennie Lees

While we all love video games, sometimes there are moments when you want to get a little more analogue. Philips are clearly banking on our secret board game urges with a new product called the Entertaible, an electronic tabletop device which will apparently let you enjoy both the interactivity of electronic games and the social aspects of board games.

Philips have grand visions for the device: new versions of old board game classics, games that are never the same twice, and games that provide social interaction between players. Whether they're conveniently ignoring all the products that already provide all of this (a common-or-garden PC, for example), or genuinely believe their product is better, we can't say. The important tests will come on its rollout to bars and casinos, though: how long does it last after someone's spilled their drink on it?

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