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CES: RCA ATSC tuners

Matt Burns

The date for the digital takeover is approaching and the cost of ATSC tuners is still out of each of some Americans. RCA introduced two new tuners (halfway down the page) and one of them is aimed at the non-hd consumer. Priced at $199, it has no high definition interface, but rather just a composite and S-Video connection. I still think the price is too high for some people, but I am sure it will come down in price.

The second receiver, MPC5000, is priced at $399 and is aimed at the high def consumer. It has both DVI and HDMI to connect it to your HD set. This unit seems overpriced too. Last time I checked, most ATSC tuners with HDMI outputs are going for $249, give or take 20 bucks.

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