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AJP's SLI 7800 Go 19-inch laptop

Marc Perton

We're ready to make a bold prediction for 2006: the market is about to be deluged with laptops with 19-inch displays. Actually, we're not being that daring here. After all, we saw some even bigger laptops at CES, and now that such luminaries as the UK's AJP Computers are rolling their own 19-inchers, it seems only a matter of time before the OEM plants in Taiwan and China begin cranking these out by the thousands. AJP's box does sound pretty good, though, with 2GB RAM, a 100GB hard drive, AMD Turion 64 MT-40 and a TV tuner (because, after all, if you've got a 19-inch display, you're gonna want to watch TV on it, right?). Of course, all that real estate is going to cost you; this one goes for over $4,000 in the UK. Come on, OEMs. Get busy, so we can get these prices down and turn up the heat on our scoliosis.

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