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TUAW Macworld 06 Keynote Chatcast Extravaganza


That's correct. It is here: the Stevenote! And in good old fashioned chaotic TUAW style, we're chatcasting the event. Laurie, Victor, and Scott will be live at the event, either over Internet (should there be any available) or they will be calling us on our cellphones and we'll be adding information to this post as the rest of us have a live chat about the event. We chat, I copy and paste sections of the chat here, you read, laugh, cry, and become angered by our words. Got it? Good. If you want to hear our pre-game chatter check here. Check after the jump for the chewy nugget center to this post.

12:00 PM
C.K. Sample, III: WELCOME to The Unofficial Apple Weblog Macworld 06 Keynote Chatcast Extravaganza!
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie A. Duncan is live, just outside the auditorium
C.K. Sample, III: what's going on Laurie?
Barb DyBwad has joined this chat.
C.K. Sample, III: welcome barb
Barb DyBwad: halloo!
C.K. Sample, III: laurie just got kicked
Barb DyBwad has left this chat.
Barb DyBwad has joined this chat.
C.K. Sample, III: and is on my cellphone right now
C.K. Sample, III: standard U2 opener
C.K. Sample, III: playing
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie says they need a new soundtrack
12:05 PM
C.K. Sample, III: she says the network keeps breaking up
C.K. Sample, III: anyway, if I lose connection with her she's going to call you chartier
David Chartier: got it
C.K. Sample, III: crap
C.K. Sample, III: can anyone see Barb and invite her in
Barb DyBwad has joined this chat.
C.K. Sample, III: wooo barb
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie says she hears applause
Barb DyBwad: i like to make an entrance twice
C.K. Sample, III: steve is starting to talk
Barb DyBwad: but more importantly: what is he wearing?
C.K. Sample, III: oooooh I can hear him 26million holiday visitors to apple dot com
C.K. Sample, III: standard bragging
C.K. Sample, III: everyone in new york visited the apple staore (it was like)
David Chartier: and takes a hit
C.K. Sample, III: she can only see the top of his head barb
Barb DyBwad: is he veiled?
C.K. Sample, III: 5.7Billion dollars last quarter
C.K. Sample, III: highest ever quarter
12:10 PM
C.K. Sample, III: no, she's outside the hall seeing the top of the big screen behind him
C.K. Sample, III: 4 and a half mil ipods a year ago BUT
C.K. Sample, III: holiday quarter 2005 estimate is...
C.K. Sample, III: 14Million
C.K. Sample, III: damnation
David Chartier: Vic just called
C.K. Sample, III: more iPods are on the way, Steve says...
C.K. Sample, III: 32 million sold in 2005 alone
Barb DyBwad: "no child left behind without an ipod"
C.K. Sample, III: 850 million songs downloaded
Damien Barrett: that's an impressive number
C.K. Sample, III: marketshare 83% with iTunes
C.K. Sample, III: over 8 million videos sold since they launched the vids
C.K. Sample, III: clip of the rose bowl playing
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie says "didn't take more than $10 to get me in here, huh? lol"
12:15 PM
C.K. Sample, III: rose bowl now #1 video on itunes
C.K. Sample, III: mentions the new content like SNL going up today
C.K. Sample, III: showing SNL samurai clip
David Chartier: that video just went up last night, didn't it?
C.K. Sample, III: somebody just turned on a vacuum cleaner on the other side of the curtain where laurie is standing "no not fair!!!"
C.K. Sample, III: this morning i think
C.K. Sample, III: new iPod remote control with iPod tuner
C.K. Sample, III: $49
C.K. Sample, III: and she *thinks* he said available today
Barb DyBwad: laurie's getting a sneak peek of the new iPod Roomba
C.K. Sample, III: 40 % of the cars sold in the US will have iPod integration by the end of 2006
C.K. Sample, III: *she thinks*
C.K. Sample, III: new advert
C.K. Sample, III: lol barb
David Chartier: Victor is going to take pictures since Laurie's on the deets
C.K. Sample, III: wynton marsalis (sp?) commercial
C.K. Sample, III: steve said
C.K. Sample, III: "This is Macworld so let's talk about Macs"
12:20 PM
C.K. Sample, III: steve is talking about digital photography and aperture
C.K. Sample, III: showing aperture video now
C.K. Sample, III: everyone keeps asking Laurie questions; thinks she is crazy and talking to herself, b/c she's using her headset lol
C.K. Sample, III: David, tell Victor to keep listening in case Laurie misses something b/c of this vacuum cleaner
David Chartier: should I keep him on the phone, we hung up so he can go on picture detail
C.K. Sample, III: dunno
C.K. Sample, III: his minutes; so his call
C.K. Sample, III: WIN is down
C.K. Sample, III: Apple does it again
C.K. Sample, III: back end still works tho
Barb DyBwad: steve always knows how to bring down the house... literally.
C.K. Sample, III: now steve is talking about widgets and Tiger
David Chartier: Engadget and TUAW are up; slow but up
C.K. Sample, III: he's discussing new widgets
C.K. Sample, III: but Laurie cannot hear it
12:25 PM
David Chartier: I'll call Vic
C.K. Sample, III: 10.4.4 download today!
C.K. Sample, III: with some sort of widget / dashboard improvement
C.K. Sample, III: now talking about iLife
C.K. Sample, III: iLife 06
C.K. Sample, III: goes over iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD: 250,000 photo limit in 06 iPhoto
C.K. Sample, III: up from 25,000
C.K. Sample, III: new editing features
C.K. Sample, III: full screen editing new
C.K. Sample, III: sounds like photobooth effects are now built into iPhoto
C.K. Sample, III: new cards and calendars lower prices
C.K. Sample, III: better quality
C.K. Sample, III: make your own calendar now
C.K. Sample, III: drag and drop photos and albums for the calendars (whoopdedoo)
12:30 PM
C.K. Sample, III: podcasting for photos?
C.K. Sample, III: people can subscribe to your photo album and every time it is updated they will be notified Photocast
C.K. Sample, III: open or password protected
David Chartier: guess that 1 TB of .Mac space is gonna come in handy
C.K. Sample, III: one touch publishing of your Photocasts
C.K. Sample, III: so if you have a subscribed album
C.K. Sample, III: you just drag new pics
C.K. Sample, III: and your subscribers are notified
C.K. Sample, III: Photocast works through .Mac
Barb DyBwad: is Photocast an app or just an Apple-ism referring to RSS feeds for photos
C.K. Sample, III: .Mac slideshows built off of this will also automatically update
C.K. Sample, III: standard RSS
Barb DyBwad: excellent
David Chartier: feature of iPhoto it sounds
C.K. Sample, III: RSS feeds for photos built into iPhoto
C.K. Sample, III: he's demoing it now
C.K. Sample, III: Steve is bragging about the speed of loading 250,000 pictures
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie: "yeah on THAT computer; who is he kidding?!"
David Chartier: ah, but which kind of computer is it...
C.K. Sample, III: good question
12:35 PM
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie says he talks too quietly when he's demoing
David Chartier: tell her to unplug the vacuum cleaner
Damien Barrett: it could just be a sound problem, tho. Hard to say.
C.K. Sample, III: she says now the vacuum is gone
C.K. Sample, III: but someone is fotzing with a boombox
Damien Barrett: so the absense of a vacuum is....a Stevenote?
C.K. Sample, III: David, try victor again
C.K. Sample, III: see if he can hear any of this part
Damien Barrett: I thought Nature abhors a vacuum. :-)
David Chartier: Vic on the phone, Steve demoing the RSS
David Chartier: switched over to a different user to demo subscribing
David Chartier: you subscribe through iPhoto
David Chartier: you can do anything with subscribed photos that you could with your own; cards, calendars, prints, etc
C.K. Sample, III: *snoring* where's the new laptops!?!?!
David Chartier: iPhoto demo doen
David Chartier: is Laurie still on?
C.K. Sample, III: yeah
David Chartier: Vic says iPhoto had an "iWeb" button
C.K. Sample, III: she just couldn't hear during the demo
C.K. Sample, III: oooh
C.K. Sample, III: iMovie demo now
David Chartier: Vic had to get off, getting dirty looks. guess he's in the event
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie cannot hear about imovie now
Damien Barrett: far:
Damien Barrett: 1) 15" intel Macbook -
order tomorrow, ships Feb (thinner, dual core) NOT YET
2) iPod FM receiver CHECK
3) iWork/Life '06 CHECK
4) New remote of some type CHECK
5) Photocasting (iPhoto) CHECK
6) OS X.4.4 w/new widgets CHECK
C.K. Sample, III: correct
Damien Barrett: did I get that right? Have we heard about iWork 06 yet?
David Chartier: iWeb is a sure thing too
C.K. Sample, III: no; no iWork
C.K. Sample, III: yet
C.K. Sample, III: but I'm sure it is coming
C.K. Sample III: some video just played and applause
Barb D: "announcing the debut of the revolutionary iProcrastinate suite..."
Damien Barrett: iWait
Damien Barrett: better....iWait 09
Barb D: lol
C.K. Sample III: lol
C.K. Sample III: damn
Damien Barrett: also called Vista
C.K. Sample III: backend is slowing down
Barb D: jinx
Barb D: ZING
10:45 AM
C.K. Sample III: can anyone get in to update this
C.K. Sample III: now on to iDVD
C.K. Sample III: no idea what was new in imovie
C.K. Sample III: is anybody watching any of the other sites
C.K. Sample III: IRC channels
C.K. Sample III: ?
David Chartier: I'm in MacRumor IRC channel
C.K. Sample III: any news from them?
David Chartier: MR says not much new with iMovie, demo over
C.K. Sample III: easier iDVD features
Randall Bennett has joined this chat.
Barb D: hey randall!
David Chartier: I'm in the "chatcast extravaganza post" and yea it's slow. What should I copy/paste in? The whole chat?
C.K. Sample III: yo randall
Randall Bennett: yo
C.K. Sample III: no, just update from the last part
David Chartier: 3rd party DVD burner support in iDVD
David Chartier: none of our chat is in that post
C.K. Sample III: dude
David Chartier: found it
C.K. Sample III: it's called continued
C.K. Sample III: duh
C.K. Sample III: something about ichat into garageband for podcasting
C.K. Sample III: cool
C.K. Sample, III: cool
C.K. Sample, III: I'm slowly getting in
David Chartier: saving
David Chartier: wait
C.K. Sample, III: steve is doing a mock podcast over ichat to demonstrate
David Chartier: from MR: Recording - "Hi, I'm Steve, welcome to my podcast of Super Secret Apple Rumors
12:50 PM
David Chartier: C.K. it finally saved
C.K. Sample, III: laurie says it is drag and drop
C.K. Sample, III: I'm still not in it yet
C.K. Sample, III: wait I'm there
C.K. Sample, III: I'll take back over
David Chartier: k
Barb DyBwad: steve totally needs a podcast! how hot would that be
Randall Bennett: so true
Randall Bennett: so true
Randall Bennett: except the podcast would probably be "this is the stuff that just came out, and I'm really excited about other stuff, but can't mention any of it."
C.K. Sample, III: lol
David Chartier: it'd be the Steve Show
C.K. Sample, III: you have to stand exactly 4 feet away from the curtain, Laurie says
C.K. Sample, III: Steve is talking about blogging
C.K. Sample, III: and how easy it is to blog
C.K. Sample, III: laurie says "sounds like a new app..."
12:55 PM
C.K. Sample, III: he's talking about building web sites
C.K. Sample, III: he jsut said iWeb
C.K. Sample, III: media browser one click publishing with .mac
David Chartier: I guess iLife now jumps to $99
Randall Bennett has left this chat.
C.K. Sample, III: man this post is taking forever to load
Randall Bennett has joined this chat.
C.K. Sample, III: to save i men
C.K. Sample, III: mean
David Chartier: did the same with me, but it finally took
C.K. Sample, III: stay away from the dashboard
C.K. Sample, III: jason just emailed
C.K. Sample, III: so Steve is building a webpage on iWeb
C.K. Sample, III: I just lost Laurie
C.K. Sample, III: she's back
C.K. Sample, III: and now she's gone again
C.K. Sample, III: but she's calling right back
David Chartier: one question: with iWeb, do you have to publish to .Mac, or can you use an indie server?
C.K. Sample, III: .Mac
C.K. Sample, III: sounds like
C.K. Sample, III: so far
1:00 PM
C.K. Sample, III: she's back
Randall Bennett: maybe they're introing a new app called, iKill cellphone service
C.K. Sample, III: probably can trick it with WebDAV
C.K. Sample, III: she says it looks like they are about to reveal something b/c people are standing on top of posters
Barb DyBwad: doesn't sound very stable
David Chartier: we're an hour in; this must be a big keynote cuz we haven't really even talked about Macs yet
C.K. Sample, III: like big banners covering posters next to the stage
Randall Bennett: wow
C.K. Sample, III: he's talking about podcasting again
Damien Barrett: I tried standing on a poster once, but CK told me I was too heavy and to get off
C.K. Sample, III: and there was applause for something
C.K. Sample, III: David, try Vic again
C.K. Sample, III: see if you can text him
Damien Barrett: it's probably the new MacBook and MacBook Pro
Damien Barrett: new posters = new product
David Chartier: Scott confirmed iWeb publishes to .Mac only
Randall Bennett: Paul Boutin, the Engadget poster, just pointed out that the name iWeb seems a bit recursive
Randall Bennett: like pentium five
C.K. Sample, III: lol
Randall Bennett: maybe they changed the i to mean something different, but I thought with iMac it was (internet)
David Chartier: Steve's browsing through all the pages he made, demoing RSS subscribing
David Chartier: RSS subscribing to podcasts, photocasts, blog, etc.
1:05 PM
David Chartier: the "i" is also a psychological tool; it's a person's favorite word to say
C.K. Sample, III: thanks marketing 101
Randall Bennett: lol
David Chartier: iLife $79
David Chartier: available today
C.K. Sample, III: cool
David Chartier: $99 gets you 5 licenses, still free on all new macs
C.K. Sample, III: some guy standing next to Laurie said "big deal"
David Chartier: deadman
C.K. Sample, III: man, I cannot get in to update
David Chartier: over 1 million .Mac subscribers
C.K. Sample, III: like it is still trying to post
David Chartier: something about domain masking I think, not sure
David Chartier: oh no sorry, he's on iWork
David Chartier: big iWork features, image editing, forms and masking
David Chartier: now moving to hardware
David Chartier: (no spreadsheet in iWork)
David Chartier: Steve displays new Intel logo
Randall Bennett: oh snap
David Chartier: C.K. do you still have Laurie? I'm having a hard time understanding Scott; too much noise
1:10 PM
C.K. Sample, III: same here
C.K. Sample, III: but I can update again
David Chartier: sounds like Intel CEO is on stage
David Chartier: saying "they're ready"
C.K. Sample, III: laurie says good for them
C.K. Sample, III: sounds like first rollout is today
C.K. Sample, III: w00t
C.K. Sample, III: of macintel
C.K. Sample, III: iBook
C.K. Sample, III: wibook
Randall Bennett: wow
Barb DyBwad: damn
David Chartier: that an official name?
C.K. Sample, III: no
C.K. Sample, III: just widescreen ibook
David Chartier: Scott's gone
C.K. Sample, III: iMac now
C.K. Sample, III: now she's not sure if she heard iMac or iBook
David Chartier: MacRumors says iMac
David Chartier: "No other desktop PC can match it"
C.K. Sample, III: okay it's an iMac not an iBook
David Chartier: same design, same features, same price, 17" and 20" but now it's an Intel processor that's 2-3x faster
Barb DyBwad: looks like no change in form factor
David Chartier: dual core chip inside
David Chartier: same design, same features, same price, 17" and 20" but now it's an Intel processor that's 2-3x faster
Barb DyBwad: looks like no change in form factor
David Chartier: dual core chip inside
1:15 PM
David Chartier: Intel Core Duo
C.K. Sample, III: I'm so glad I waited on buying one of those
David Chartier: iMac Core Duo 2 Ghz
David Chartier: floating point benchmark: iMac G5 scored a 13, Intel Core Due scored a 25
David Chartier: Each core individually is faster than the previous G5 chips
Randall Bennett: wow, an iMac worth using Final Cut Pro on
David Chartier: all Tiger bundled apps run natively on Intel now
David Chartier: iLife and iWork are now Universal Binary
C.K. Sample, III: What's an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than it's ever done in a PC.
C.K. Sample, III: new slogan
David Chartier: haha
C.K. Sample, III: seriously
Barb DyBwad: rofl
Barb DyBwad: nice
Randall Bennett: haha
David Chartier: the day's demos were running on an Intel machine
David Chartier: lost Scott again
Damien Barrett: c'mon new iBooks!
Randall Bennett: big money, no whammies!
C.K. Sample, III: lol
Damien Barrett: New Macbooks rounding the corner...about to overtake Intel Dual Core it's's neck and neck...
C.K. Sample, III: lol
David Chartier: Microsoft rep coming up to talk about Office
1:20 PM
Randall Bennett: awwww
David Chartier: Quark universal binary shipping today, says MacRumors
C.K. Sample, III: seriously? no way
David Chartier: rep is really loud
Randall Bennett: wow
Randall Bennett: i'm hearing march shipping for pro apps with a $50 upgrade
Randall Bennett: (Paul B from Engadget)
C.K. Sample, III: there's still one poster
Randall Bennett: better freaking be the iBook (i meaning intel, in this case)
C.K. Sample, III: Rosetta optimized office avialable for download now
C.K. Sample, III: but native not done yet
David Chartier: This is interesting from MacRumors:
David Chartier: "Committing to shipping a version of Office for Mac for minimum of 5 years. Office for Mac is incredibly successful product. We're here to stay and in it for the long term."
1:25 PM
C.K. Sample, III: Laurie is trying to get closer to the curtain so she can hear
C.K. Sample, III: david: do you have scott or Vic?
C.K. Sample, III: security says the shroud on that last poster is coming down any minute now
David Chartier: he's on the phone but not responding
David Chartier: I think he might've gotten some bad looks from others in the event
C.K. Sample, III: he = vic or scott?
David Chartier: Scott
C.K. Sample, III: showing a video
C.K. Sample, III: can you hear anything?
David Chartier: laughter
David Chartier: some video demo
David Chartier: applause
Damien Barrett: it was a new ad, I think
David Chartier: MacRumors: "Intel Chip will be Set Free" from a new ad
C.K. Sample, III: laurie said it sounded like the old Intel crush commercial
C.K. Sample, III: big reveal just happened
C.K. Sample, III: he's saying something about Powerbooks
Randall Bennett: and....
Randall Bennett: rejoice!
David Chartier: from MacRumors: "Showing a Powerbook G4.  Trying to shoehorn a G5 into the Powerbook.  We've done everyhing possible..."
C.K. Sample, III: Intel Powerbooks!!!
C.K. Sample, III: W00T
Randall Bennett: double w00t!
C.K. Sample, III: 5 times faster
Barb DyBwad: holy hot damn
C.K. Sample, III: she cannot hear any details
David Chartier: Scott isn't responding, I think he got shot down
C.K. Sample, III: iSight built in
C.K. Sample, III: dual Intel
C.K. Sample, III: very thin
C.K. Sample, III: *my next computer*
David Chartier: "Fastest notebook ever"
Randall Bennett: i'm hearing "MacBookPro" from Engadget being tossed around as the name
Barb DyBwad: i'm hearing the sound of my drool hitting the floor
David Chartier: that's what MacRumors has it down as
1:35 PM
David Chartier: can't reach scott
Randall Bennett: I am suddenly so glad I took my own advice and waited for a powerbook. I've still got a mac mini, but it may become my media center, when I start hacking it
C.K. Sample, III: laurie confirms MacBookPro
C.K. Sample, III: she can see the sign now
David Chartier: MacRumors: "New feature: New Power Adapter is magnetically held in.  If yanked, comes right out."
Damien Barrett: yup, looks like I'll be buying a Mac mini and an El Gato EyeHome for my media center
C.K. Sample, III: laurie is being backed up now, so I think it is over
Randall Bennett: wow
Barb DyBwad: ship dates???
David Chartier: shipping in Feb
David Chartier: that's new
Damien Barrett: sizes?
C.K. Sample, III: we need details
David Chartier: 15"
C.K. Sample, III: new commercial is playing
David Chartier: I'm getting this from MacRumors, lost everyone
C.K. Sample, III: check the qt page
C.K. Sample, III: look for a new commmercial
Barb DyBwad: need to figure out how to convince AOL i have to trade in the powerbook they just sent me...
Randall Bennett: haha
Randall Bennett: good thing they haven't bought mine yet
Randall Bennett:
David Chartier: tell em it's busted
Barb DyBwad: "for research purposes"
Barb DyBwad: "it's mandatory"
David Chartier: Tell em Apple's recalling all the PPC ones
Randall Bennett: haha
Barb DyBwad: "terrible inconvenience... i'll just have to settle for one of the new ones..."
C.K. Sample, III: and it's over but
C.K. Sample, III: there's an odd powerplug
C.K. Sample, III: bizarre rectangular
C.K. Sample, III: fw 800 speakers headphones
David Chartier: it's magnetically held in
C.K. Sample, III: card slot
Randall Bennett: does it have a simley face on it?
David Chartier: 10.4.4 not available yet
C.K. Sample, III: probably has its own page
C.K. Sample, III: not via software update
Randall Bennett: natch
David Chartier: so, what about blogging
C.K. Sample, III: she still cannot go in to the booth for 10 minutes
C.K. Sample, III: even though she can look at it
C.K. Sample, III: blog away
C.K. Sample, III: get all the deets you can
Randall Bennett: ok, and with that, ladies and gents, i'm headed out, it's been surreal to witness computing history with all y'all
C.K. Sample, III: happy chatcast
C.K. Sample, III: I call this DONE
Randall Bennett: i'll keep checking TUAW for all the updates
C.K. Sample, III: any last minute thoughts?
Randall Bennett: basically wow, I can't believe kevin rose was right, sans iMac
Damien Barrett: I wish they offered a smaller size
Damien Barrett: I wish they offered a smaller size
Damien Barrett: 5.6lbs and 15'4" is too large
C.K. Sample, III: battery life?
Randall Bennett: 5.6 lbs is a lot, but by the same token, I'd totally rock it
Randall Bennett: vid editing on my pwrbook that isn't as painful
David Chartier: same weight as present 15"
Damien Barrett: of course it will. But it's still too large. There should be a smaller option.
David Chartier: C.K. you updating the chatcast?
C.K. Sample, III: yeah
Randall Bennett: alright, now i'm officially gone
C.K. Sample, III: give me more deets and then I'll call it ended
Randall Bennett: thanks for the bollocks!
1:45 PM
Randall Bennett has left this chat.
David Chartier: scott calling
C.K. Sample, III: cool
Damien Barrett: what color is the Mac Book Pro?
David Chartier: no design change on the powerbook
David Chartier: looks the same
David Chartier: aside from built-in iSight
David Chartier: two magnetic hinges to close the lins
David Chartier: *lid
David Chartier: no updates to FrontRow, but it's included with new MacBooks
Damien Barrett: Apple Store is back up
Damien Barrett: specs, etc. All there.
C.K. Sample, III: cool
C.K. Sample, III: then I really call this chatcast to a close
C.K. Sample, III: thanks everyone
C.K. Sample, III: post away
Barb DyBwad: $1699 for the 20-inch imac... damn that's tempting

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