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Acer AL2416WS 24-inch LCD display reviewed

Marc Perton

By now, you know we're head-over-heels for Dell's new 3007WFP 30-inch monitor. But at $2,199, it's not exactly something that everyone is going to be able to buy (though we're saving up for two). Fortunately, there are still plenty of more affordable, somewhat smaller displays, including Dell's own 24-inch 2405FPW, and Acer's AL2416W, which runs about £581 in the UK (about $1,000). Trusted Reviews checked out the AL2416W, and found it to be somewhat limited, especially compared to Dell's offerings. Although the monitor offers good resolution at 1920x1200, it lacks any input options other than VGA; no DVI, component or S-Video. The reviewer was also struck by what he called a "lack of vividness" in the display, though he did find that the 6ms gray-to-gray response time was spiffy, and was impressed by the 1000:1 contrast ratio. However, given that the Dell 2405FPW is available for about $900 in the US, and has received generally positive reviews in the year it's been out, if you're in the market for a 24-inch display at a decent price, dude, you're getting a Dell.

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