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Gear Live's hands-on video with the HD TIVO

Matt Burns

Lucky ducks. We want to play with the new HD TIVO. At least Gear Live has a 12:38 minute video that runs down every feature that the new TIVO  has.

These guys get down and dirty with the unit and run through everything we wanted to know. Yes, there is six tuners and they do operate independently. The guide seems to operate at a resonable speed but still not as quick as we would like. The external drive is by Western Digital and the TIVO rep would not go into if you could "upgrade" the drive.

The guys from Gear Live does raise a cool question though. Can you "hack" the front panel to display RSS and weather feeds?

Check out the video if you have any questions or reservations about the new TIVO. It sure is a sweet PVR.

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