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Griffin TuneCenter remote for iPods

Marc Perton

Following Tuesday's news about the DLO HomeDock Deluxe, here's another iPod dock that displays menus and playlists on your TV, and from the description, this one does a lot more. The Griffin TuneCenter, due out in March for $100, puts your iPod playlists on the big screen, lets you control video and slideshow playback, and also acts as an Internet radio receiver when connected to a home network, either over Ethernet or via WiFi. And it works with 3G-and-newer iPods. Output options are similar to DLO's: S-Video, Composite and RCA for audio. One thing not mentioned in Griffin's specs is whether this charges your iPod when it's docked. We'll assume for now that it does; otherwise, you'd better be prepared to stop the music every few hours to juice up.

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