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Is Steve's "one more thing" yet to come?


Leander at the Cult of Mac blog has been feeling like Steve's keynote from this past Tuesday just didn't have the polish or energy that Macworld keynotes typically do. He was discussing this with a friend recently who, he says, is very much "in" at Apple, when his friend had something quite interesting to say. Namely, that "key products" had to be omitted from the keynote due to "supply issues." Now, this is rumor, of course, so do with it what you will. Leander writes:

"'They can't get enough Core Duo (chips),' said my source. He also said that if he were me, he probably wouldn't order one of the new MacBook Pros. I asked if there would be MacBook replacements for the 17-inch and 12-inch PowerBooks, but he said, 'Oh, it's much cooler than that. Much cooler.'"

Here we go again. So, what didn't we get to see and when wiill it be released? Let the baseless conjectures begin!

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