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Lara Croft gets fat, grows a pair

Vladimir Cole

Games have finally arrived as a medium. Forget the billions of dollars in sales. Forget that one of the world's richest men spent 100 hours playing video games over the holiday season. None of that mattered until now because games as a medium were still too young, too earnest, and too serious. Until now.

Finally, a game that spoofs games has been created and has met with some amount of success in Europe, where it was released and where it'll probably stay, given that the game's lovable Asterix and Obelix characters are virtually unknown here in the parochial Estados Unidos. That a spoof has been released anywhere is an indication that maybe the medium is maturing in a good way, that there's enough of a body of games out there for larger understanding to emerge.

Atari (the game's publisher) claims that Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission Las Vegum is a "SPOOFISHLY INSANE" (caps theirs, not ours) opportunity to interact with over a hundred different game icons from Mario to Lara Croft. MTV's Stephen Totilo reports that Lara has gotten fat and had a sex change in the game. That's funny because she's also plumped up a bit in real life too. Sometimes life imitates art.

Have any of you folks across the pond given it a try? Is this game as funny as its marketers claim it is?

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