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Rush on iLife '06 at the Apple Store

Jan Kabili

I stopped by the San Francisco Apple Store last night to pick up a copy of iLife '06. There was a serious line at the cash register, and everybody seemed to be buying iLife. My friend tried to get the Family Pack and was told it was sold out. The moral -- if you want a copy of iLife right away and can't wait for shipping from the online store, get to your local Apple Store quick. Granted there's probably a higher demand in San Francisco right now than elsewhere, but once people catch on to how cool the new version of iLife is, there could be a run at other Apple Stores too.

The only thing that bummed me out is that the San Francisco store wouldn't honor the $59 education price available on the Apple Education site. So I had to fork out the full $79, which, to be honest, isn't bad given the number and quality of apps in iLife '06.

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