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Klegg hires Verne "Mini Me" Troyer to promote Mini DAP

Marc Perton

With a company name like Klegg, and a model with a brand -- the Mini -- that matches one of Apple's discontinued iPods, we suppose you've gotta do something to get your products noticed. But we somehow don't think Klegg Electronics' decision to use Verne Troyer -- aka "Mini Me" of Austin Powers fame -- to promote the Mini is the right one. Sure, Troyer is small, and so is the player. But hiring a has-been whose last big hit was four years ago (and whose last major gadget endorsement was the ill-fated Gizmondo), doesn't seem like the best way to pitch your product as cutting edge. Of course, Klegg probably got Troyer on the cheap, which may be one way to remind potential customers that the Mini, starting at $79.95, is a portable audio player for the budget-minded.

[Via the Raw Feed]

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