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Group HDTV stations or integrate them

Matt Burns

Appalled. Simply appalled. I came home last night after a long day at work only to find my significant other watching SDTV! We are not talking about the Style Channel or TLC here, but rather My Name is Earl on the SD NBC feed.

After a verbal lashing about how much the HDTV and cable costs, we came to the root of the problem. She was simply browsing through the stations and came upon My Name is Earl. Sure, she knew the difference between HD and SD but the high-def stations are out of 'surfing' range way up in the 220's and she didn't make it up there yet.

It 's cool that they group all the high definition stations together, but it would be nice to have them by their counterparts. Kind of like OTA broadcasts. You have the normal ABC station then right next is the high-def ABC station with a 'point' one beside it.

I, for one, would like to see this as an option for cable/satilite. Put the HD ABC next to the normal ABC and the same with ESPN. Would you rather have all the high definition stations together or rather integrate them into the normal lineup?

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