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iLife 06 Tip: Edit iWeb sites on more than one Mac

David Chartier

I've been poking around in iWeb to create a wedding site for my fiance and I. While I really like the app, I share one of the big peeves around the web: sites created in it are only edit-able on the originating Mac.

Thankfully, MacOSXHints has come to the rescue again, with a fairly simple method for giving your iWeb sites some portability so you can edit them on more than one Mac. Basically, the tip involves tracking down where the iWeb support/package file lives in your Home directory, moving it to something like a flash drive and creating an alias (of sorts) so iWeb is none the wiser.

While this is a fairly simple work-around, I second MacOSXHInts' call to Apple: this really needs to be enabled natively so a work-around like this doesn't have to exist.

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