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Iwod G10 PMP with NES emulator

Evan Blass

Watch out, iRiver, because your G10 portable gaming console has some stiff competition from a product with the very same name- and you haven't even released yours yet! The curiously-named Iwod G10 is a smallish Game Boy-looking PMP that performs all of the usual multimedia functions, but whose real draw is a bulit-in NES emulator. That's right, along with supporting your MP3, WMA, FLAC, MPEG-4, and AVI files, the Iwod also lets you load up NES ROMs on an SD card and get your Mario-on portable-style. Gameplay occurs on a 320 x 240 2.5-inch LCD or on a regular TV thanks to the video out jack, and battery life is said to be around 10 hours. $147 is all it takes to snatch one of these up- if you're in China, that is.

[Via The MP3 Players, thanks Chi]

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