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WiFi sniffer turns your DS into a wardriving tool

Evan Blass

Where would we be without the homebrew community, who snaz up our gadgets and humorously frustrate The Man at the same time? The latest little tool to emerge from the 'brewers' bag of tricks is a program called DS2Key (for Nintendo DS, duh), which features a "Wardriving" app (using the DSWifi programming library by Stephen Stair) that displays the SSID, WEP status, MAC addresses, and signal strength for whatever WLANs happen to be broadcasting nearby. Auto-refresh means that while you're driving around, um, looking to help your neighbors beef up their network security (i.e. "it's not a virus, it's a proof-of-concept"), DS2Key automatically updates all pertinent info. Shine on you crazy coders, shine on- touching is good, but free broadband is better.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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