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Insert DoA4 big stick joke here; arcade stick reviewed

Like fighting games but miss the feel of a real, authentic arcade joystick, complete with 6 perfectly arranged face buttons, and an 8-way joystick with just the right amount of audible "click"? For $60 you can get Hori's officially licensed arcade stick for Dead or Alive 4. How do we know it's just for Dead or Alive 4? Cause it says so right on it!

Of course, the controller can be used with other titles, although DoA4 will recognize if you're using it and adjust the controls accordingly. With support for the Xbox 360 headset and a USB connection, it seems like an ideal way to get your classic arcade game on. Xbox Solution is unequivocal in their praise, gushing, "This has to be the best overall arcade stick I have ever bought. The only one that comes close to it is my Neo Geo arcade stick and that was a lot more expensive. No fighting fan will complain that the stick is not centered or that the buttons don’t respond right away. Hori has made the perfect stick for the best fighting game to come to a console."

I'm imagining that a more popular use for this stick isn't going to be Dead or Alive 4 so much as it will be Street Fighter II. Hopefully SFII will be cheap enough to make that $60 price tag a little less bothersome.

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