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Red Hat Linux distro to boot on Intel Macs


They haven't mentioned exactly HOW they will make Red Hat Linux boot on the new Intel-based Macs, but a Red Hat spokesperson has confirmed they are committed to creating a distro for the new hardware. This may take a while because they haven't yet purchased any Intel Macs. Secondly Red Hat Fedora hasn't even begun to discuss whether they will be taking a grub or lilo tactic as a bootloader.

As mentioned here before, even with EFI support in existing open source tools, getting the new MacIntels to boot something other than OS X has proven tricky.

Linux support will eventually happen for the new platform (and related hardware in the new machines), but I'm not sure Red Hat will be the first distro to achieve that. As always with Linux and BSD, flame wars descend over which flavor is better. The reality is that I use different distros for different uses/machines. Anyhow, a Linux distro on a new Intel Mac may end up being many Linux distros once the bootloader troubles are resolved.

[via Ars Technica]

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