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Image credit: bringing video downloads in April?


It looks like is getting ready to jump into the video download biz, but with their own "sell more stuff" flair. The word is that they're after those plentiful DVD dollars, hoping to nab some impulse buyers with a few possible scenarios, including a free stream of a movie with a hard copy purchase, or a try before you buy option for a one time stream that acts as a credit towards a DVD purchase. However they do it, they've got a bit of heft to throw around, and they're already rumored to have two major studios signed up as content partners, with a projected launch of April. Doesn't sound like plans to step on Apple's TV offerings -- except, of course, for shows made available on DVD -- and they're steering clear of Google's Charlie Rose/MacGyver market domination, but hopefully they'll clear a path for those and other providers to get us more of the DVD good stuff in a timely fashion.

[Via AppleInsider; Thanks, Dave]

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