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Motorola SLVR with iTunes now available from Cingular

David Chartier

Motorola has unleashed the SLVR with iTunes for Cingular, a slim new candybar style phone that borrows from their runaway-hit RAZR design. As Engadget notes, it's selling for $199 (better than the ROKR's initial $249) with a 2-year contract, comes pre-installed with a 512 MB card and that oh-so-loved ceiling of 100 songs. Once again, Motorola included a non-standard headphone jack, forcing buyers to use an annoying little adapter in order to be able to plug in a regular set of headphones.

Even though the SLVR phone itself certainly seems to be a nice upgrade from the bulky and sluggish ROKR, it still doesn't strike me as a serious music phone offering. The many reasons and theories for this have certainly been discussed since the ROKR's introduction, so I'll spare you a rehash.

While some might be quick to bash Motorola for breaking their promise that the ROKR 2 won't suck, just remember: this isn't technically the ROKR 2, so there's still hope. But what do you TUAW readers think of this? Is this the killer iTunes phone you'd sell your own dog to get your hands on? Or did Motorola and Apple miss the train again?

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