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Maxent MX-26X3 review: Home Theater Magazine

Kevin C. Tofel

The great folks over at Home Theater Magazine typically don't review LCD monitors like the Maxent MX-26X3, but you might be happy they made the exception. This 26-inch LCD widescreen computer monitor doubles as a 720p HD monitor and can be had for around $800. There are other double duty machines out there, the Gateway 21-inch LCD at $600 comes to mind, but as they say, size does matter. HTM liked the fact that the MX-26X3 offered DVI and two component inputs along with the standard PC-type jacks. From a performance standpoint, there was some noticeable artifacting on some content but using the component inputs improved overall picture quality. Is this a centerpiece for your home entertainment area? Not likely, but if you're looking for a new PC monitor for a WMCE machine, this might be worth a look.

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