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Cowon iAudio F1 1GB DAP reviewed

Evan Blass

Although the sound quality is only so-so, the controls aren't the best, the battery life is far from what the manufacturer claims, and there's no PlaysForSure, OGG, lossless, or Audible support, Cowon's iAudio F1 1GB DAP nonetheless gets big points from us for excluding the annoying engine noises found in other sports car-themed electronics (dashboard-like indicator gauges remain, though). PC Mag isn't so kind however, and breaks the F1 off only two-and-a-half stars and a Fair rating, although they're into the design, OLED and UI, and multiple but seemingly ineffective digital sound enhancements. Also nice are the FM radio (with in-player recording), line in, alarm clock (for use with travel speakers), and voice-activated recording. Still, besides that 13-hour battery life (9 less than Cowon promises) and weak bass we mentioned, the F1 frustratingly comes with two USB sync/charge cables (one home and one travel), yet no AC adapter for plugging it into the wall. Weak. PC Mag's conclusion? This is a great little player...for your kids.

[Thanks, Dave]

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