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Sony Playstation 3: Say goodbye to your Tivo, your iPod, your..........Xbox 360?


No price, no release date, no playable demos = no problem. The hype machine is officially rolling as more details leak from the latest PSM article detailing how the PS3 will change the world upon it's launch later this year. Why should your credit card be running in fear of a pre-order? Let's run down the list:

  • DVR
  • Online service that will surpass Xbox Live
  • an iTunes Music store-style service for downloading high definition movies music and more
  • Better media center functionality than the 360
  • Stream DVR'd content or disc-based movies to your PSP over the Internet via LocationFree
  • Fall release
That's not even mentioning the dual 1080p output and Blu-ray disc playback we already know about. We're excited, but we also remember when Ken Kutaragi told us the PS2 would be like jacking into "The Matrix", 5 years later and there are no plugs in our bodies. We'll keep a space open in the entertainment center, but we're not shaving our heads in preparation (again). What features are you most anticipating when the Playstation touches down by an HDTV near you?

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